7 Ways To Decide If You Are Dealing With The Best Personal Injury Attorney

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If you are looking for a personal injury attorney, you have to look for certain qualities in them and do your homework before hiring one. Don’t just fall for the first lawyer you come across. There are ways to help you determine if you are dealing with the best personal injury attorney.

7 Ways to decide if your personal injury attorney is the right fit

1.Check for Disciplinary Action


Different states have different rules of conduct for attorneys and the state disciplinary authority investigates the action against attorneys which are called bar complaints. Many states keep an online database of disciplinary actions taken against attorneys including disbarment. If an attorney has a bar complaint against him, it should be taken into consideration. Avoid attorneys who have serious disciplinary action taken against them as they are red flags. Find more on accident attorney Dallas.

2.Examine the Online Presence of the Attorney

Locate the website of the attorney and try to get as much information from there. A good attorney will have good reviews from clients and bad ones are likely to have more complaints. The social media presence will also let you determine if you are dealing with a friendly attorney.

3.Make an Appointment

A genuine personal injury attorney should be able to offer a free initial consultation to discuss the case and usually it takes 30 to 45 minutes. Watch out if the attorney and his staff are professional, efficient and friendly.

4.Evaluate the Staff and Resources


Confirm if the attorney has the skill and resources for your type of case. Talk to the attorney about verdicts and settlements. If your case is complicated you may need assistance on everything including counter claims and criminal charges to investigators and auditors.

5.Consult Friends, Family and Professionals

Friends and family are a reliable resource and they will help you find out the best personal injury attorney in your area. Take recommendations and ask questions about their experiences and have them rate their case satisfaction. You can also take the help of professionals as they will give the best expert advise depending on your case.

6.Look for Desirable Traits

While hiring a personal injury attorney look for traits like responsiveness, accessibility, passion and competency. The attorney should be able to outline the whole case process and explain case development and also explain all complex legal terms in a lucid manner. He should also be proactive and attentive to your needs.


7.Interview Your Attorney

Visit your attorney and interview them before making the final selection. Ask questions specific to your injury case to ascertain if the attorney is the right fit. Know their experiences and specializations and ask questions on the duration of the case, payment, and other necessary questions.

Five Things You Will Need To Do After A Car Accident

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Many times people get involved in auto crashes after which they go their separate ways not sure what to do. sometimes lives are lost, injuries sustained, properties damaged, and emotions are high. There’s always a chance it could be you, regardless of how meticulous you are.


If you are unfortunate to be involved in a car accident, especially one that has caused severe injuries or serious damages, your main priority would be to get medical help for yourself or to the injured persons, having done that, here is what should happen after the accident.

 1. Remain at the scene: never leave an accident scene that you are directly involved, stay a while to check for casualties, and then call the police to make a report.

 2. In some states it would be an offence if you did not try to contact the police immediately after an auto crash, that is if you haven’t sustained a major injury, otherwise you could lose your driver’s license.Record all details of the accident you can get.

Its important to get details regarding the auto crash, for future enquiries.


If you manage to have a pen or a paper around, you can put down the names, contact number, car make, model, year, plate and license numbers of the persons involved in the accident, their insurance information. If there were any witnesses, be sure to get their contact details too, in case of any misunderstandings regarding the incident in the future.

Record the exact time, place and date of the occurrence. If you had any electronic gadgets with you, you can take pictures of the scene to get a proper description of the view.

3.You will need to notify your insurance company.


Sometimes delaying or failing to report an accident to your insurance shortly after an accident ,may cause them to refuse to award damages, therefore you will need to provide them with the information you have gathered from the scene. Do not agree to sign any paperwork or admit to pay for any damages resulting from the accident, without contacting your attorney or insurance company.

4. Save information

While you are meeting and talking with the police, insurance agents, lawyers and so on, be sure to carefully save important notes, get names and badges of the police officers that you are speaking to, what was discussed and when it was discussed if there were decisions that were made. Save any paper works and receipts for insurance purposes.

You are going to need this information for support or as evidence should there arise any complications later.

5. Seek medical attention

Seek out medical assistance to be sure that all is completely fine and good with you and your health. While you are at it, keep records of any medical reports, bills, and medications that was administered to you, note down any medical practitioners that you received treatments from. Make notes of how the injuries you sustained if any, from the accident has affected your daily life. You will need these records if you want to consider filing a claim for personal injury in the future.